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What’s It About?

STEM Academy

Think about key skills needed in today’s workplace: problem solving, critical thinking, and the ability to work in a team. What do they all have in common? They’re all related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In this program students engage in projects that incorporate these key skills. Projects may include building roller coasters, designing towers, or making slime. The key for our students is to work in cooperative teams to explore, investigate, tinker and create.

Club Create

Every student has a creative side that is just waiting to be used. Even students who are not “artistic” will love this camp. In Club Create students will engage in projects to expand their creative side. Creative projects may include paper mache, origami, tie dye, recycled accessories, and more! There are no limits as to what kids can develop in Club Create!

Kids that Code: Robots

Programming goes beyond the computer in this camp. Our Kids that Code: Robots program helps students develop skills like strategic thinking and logic while engaged in problem based learning. Using various robotic elements like Ozobots and Spheros students will learn to program these robots to follow their commands to complete a task and navigate through home made obstacle courses.

In the Spotlight

Your student is the star of their own film in this camp! In the Spotlight takes students through the filmmaking process from start to finish. Students will learn the basics of filmmaking and will work in collaborative groups to produce their own film or music video. Students will start with an idea, create a story map, write a script, design props, scout locations, shoot their scenes, and edit their film. The camp ends with a premiere party at the end of the week.

Kids that Code

Computer Programming is basic literacy in this digital age. Students must be able to not only consume technology, but also understand and control it. In this program, students will develop their problem solving skills through hands-on exploration of coding basics. Students will explore Lightbot,, and MIT’s Scratch to program basic animations and games.

Animation Studio

Love Disney/Pixar movies? Have an interest in animated characters on tv? Then join the animation studio. In our studio students will learn the art of animation. Students will explore different methods of animation and experiment with each before working in cooperative groups to create a final project. Animation methods include flip books, clay-mation, stop-motion, and simple computer animation. Imaginations will be put to the test in this fun and creative camp.

Kids that Code: WeDo

Building with Legos is fun! Programming Legos is even better! In this program, students will build and them program their creations using the computer, special motors and sensors. Little hands will make big creations and practice their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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